Kerning groups and Parentheses

Is there a reason why kerning groups don’t apply to non-alphabet characters? I am hoping to set ParenLeft, Brace Left and BracketLeft all in the same kerning group, so that whichever character appears to it’s right has the same kerning value for all three. But Glyphs does not seem to recognise the group: I get the error message “Only a-zA-Z0-9, underscore, hyphen and period are allowed”. Why is this, and is there an alternative solution?

Just write out the names for your analphabetic groups. For example, I put period, ellipsis, and comma in a group called “stops”.

Thanks for your response. But it still doesn’t work, so I think I must be misunderstanding something. For instance, in the screenshots attached, your method for period and comma works perfectly but exactly the same method does not seem to work for parentheses. Can you see how kerning between (a and {a is different even though I have created kerning groups?

Spaces are not allowed, either.

Thanks Georg, that did the trick :slight_smile: