Kerning groups @ sign

I’ve copied and pasted some kerning pairs from a font to another and some chars like “quoteright” or “comma” have an “@” before the name, is there any way to delete that sign ?

Having the “@” sign the pair won’t show up like it doesn’t exist when I click on it. The “@” sign works on letters but not on punctuation marks.

The at sign is the indicator for a kerning group. That way you can differentiate it better from the singletons.

Is there a way to make a singleton from a kerninggroup that has only one member ? When I delete the groupname (for example @Thorn) all kerning for the right side of the Thorn is lost.

So, basically I would need a trick to expand all kerning for one glyph. Not a whole typeface, as Tim Ahrens’ script is doing.

Why would you want to do that? What difference would it make?

Could be done with a script.

I got a request to do this, because my customer is working with metrics machine and wants singletons instead of one member groups.

One trick could be to expand everything and to add (or copy) groups back again. But I don’t know if something will be lost this way.

That would not be safe. I would write a script where you step through all kern pairs (the nested GSFont.kerning dict), record every mention of the group name in a new dict.

Then step through your new dict, remove kerning for the group name, and set the same kerning again with the glyph name.

But metrics machine supports classes???