Kerning Groups

Hi, is there any way to quickly delete the kerning groups or should I go one by one? Is there anyway to import kerning classes from a fontlab file or any other kind?


Why would you want to delete the groups?

It is quite easy. Select all glyphs in the font view and put something in the groups fields in the lower left Info area. Then remove than something and you end up with empty groups for all glyphs.

Then you open the kerning panel and click the button in the lower right and select Clean Up.

Thanks Geog
I m working in a font in glyphs but the kerning was developed in fontlab. WHen I wanted to import it to the file I found that where the classes were different kerning wasn’t working. IS there any way to import the FL kerning classes into glyphs?

wuop, any ideas here? how to import FL classes into glyphs? is it possible?

  1. Export the FontLab file with the classes to .glyphs with Georg’s Glyphs Export FontLab macro. It will be saved next to the .vfb.
  2. Open both this source file and your target file in Glyphs
  3. Run the Metrics > Steal Kerning Groups script from my scripts.