Kerning Improvements - Auto Kern Feature

I’m a long time Fontlab user and recently gave Glyphs a try. One area that I believe needs significant improvement is the kerning management, and also the reason why it’s impossible for me to switch to Glyphs.

In Fontlab, you can effortlessly create ‘kerning groups’ with just a single click. Then there are all the possible ‘kerning pairs’ listed on the side with a generate button which kerns all the pairs for you. The software takes care of the majority of the kerning work, producing surprisingly good results reducing the need for manual adjustments.

I am well aware of the 3rd party ‘Kern On’ plugin for Glyphs, but that’s really not the solution. It still requires manual input for it work initially and isn’t entirely automatic. And that’s even priced at 2/3rd of the Glyphs app (sighs).

Glyphs itself should have some implementation for managing kerning.