Kerning is different in some apps

Hi there. I´ve made a font which works in every Adobe program, Blender, Cinema4D the same way. The Kerning looks alright as its set in Glyphs. But in MSwordpad or Vizrt or even in the font preview selection in Illustrator i can see the Kerning isnt right.
Anyone had this problem before?

Some apps do not support openType kerning. Search the forum for Powerpoint …

Ok i admit that im a total newbie in this field. So if understand correctly some apps can´t read the Kerning parameters or Groups right? Using only side bearings works OK with some straight edge fonts but how to get away with types like A, V, Y or O with some other font combinations? like TO or AV. Is there some sort of a tutorial on this somewhere?

There is a tutorial called spacing. Try to make your spacing (=setting your sidebearings) as good as possible so your font works without kerning.

As the last step of your process, you add kerning. Try to keep it to a minimum. It will work in most apps but there are some dinosaurs that do not support OpenType well.

Thank you! These are helpful enough.