Kerning issue after exporting OTF

Hi there,
I’ve been spending some time reading all the answers on the same issue, but unfortunately it doesn’t solve mine.

Some kerning of my font are not set right after exporting. I specially localized one, which is a kerning exception pair (two and period), but some of them are also exporting right…
I use Glyphs App (Version 2.6.3) and the “Fonts” folder of Adobe for testing it on InDesign.

I’ve try :
–Compressing kerning from the kerning panel
–Removing cache from the Terminal

I have set more than 1800 pairs, I am really hopping in a final solution there.
Thank you very much for helping


We need more info. Can you send some screenshots?

Sure, here are some screenshots. What other view would be helpfull?
I am using “metric” kerning on inDesign.

Are you sure you are looking at the right file. Give it a new name to be sure.
Can you send me the file?

Yes I am looking at the right file.
How shall I send you the file in private ?

Best in a DM or as an e-mail to support at this domain.