Kerning Issue with Glyphs 1.3.25

I downloaded the Trial version and made all the letters and spaced them as needed. Now, all I need is kerning with the pair of letters. I tried my first pair with letters T and o, but when export, the letters are spaced out as if I did not do kerning at all. Out of curiosity I opened the font file with Robo Font and the kerning appeared to be saved, and yet exporting them from Robo Font seems to produce the same result. I have used TextEdit and Microsoft Word to preview the final result. Other fonts like Arial and such has kerning, but I can’t get it on mine! Help.

This is a font cache problem

Thank you for such a quick response! That was precisely the problem. I’m using illustrator to test now. It works great!

How to change the name of kerning group?

Kerning group names are set in the ‘G:’ fields on the grey info box of a glyph. Or in the Left/Right Group column in list view, or in the bottom left glyph info area in regular Font view.