Kerning left and right sides at same time?

Is there a way to kern mirrored pairs at the same time?

What I mean is an example like O and " (i.e. capital /O and /quotedbl). In this case the design is the same on the left and right sides, so can I somehow kern the left side and have it applied automatically to the right side? Other cases would be parentheses and slashes.

There are only a few pairs that would match. And adding a special case for this doesn’t seem to be worth it.

There is the script in my repo that verifies the symmetric kern pairs, called New Tab with Uneven Symmetric Kernings.


Thanks for your replies and the script. Yes, it is a relatively small amount of pairs, but sometimes it gets a little muddy to keep track of doing both sides the same, and I find myself having to toggle back and forth quite a bit to make sure they match. So the script you referenced will be a help :slight_smile: