Kerning lock


So I started using kerning groups! Works pretty good, but sometimes the lock icon is open from previous ‘pair by pair kerning’ i’ve done. I want the glyph pair to use the group kerning values, so closing the lock would do the trick, right? But a lot of times when I click the lock icon to close it, it pops right open again. My questions are: why is this and how to fix this?

  • Daan

I have the same problem. Usually when I set exceptions first and then I build class kerning. The other way round it works well.

I would need to take a look at the specific case. If this happens (again), please send me your file to res (at) (this website without www).

It happens every time, so I will send you a step-by-step guide how to reproduce this problem. In a week or so, I am busy right now.

I’ve made a small screen cap of the problem, you can view here:

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

I’ve just discovered that manually selecting the kerning number and deleting it by pressing backspace does the trick (don’t know if it works all the time). The kerning then pops back to the previously set group kerning number, and the lock is closed.

File is on it’s way Georg! Thanks!

I fixed it in the latest update.

I have the same problem. (Glyphs 1.4.5.)

In my case the problem occurs when I want to do a “double exception pair”.

Let’s say I have 2 kerning groups /V,W/ and /o,ö/
I want to kreate 4 kerning pairs /Vo/ /Vö/ and /Wo/ /Wö/ each of them with a little different kerning values.

So I will end up with:

/Vo/ - group to group
/Wo/ - Exception to group
/Wö/ - Exception to exception
/Vö/ - group to exception

If I do it in the order given above, everthing is fine.
But if I change the order in which the exceptions are created, it gets messed up.

So if the order would be like this:

/Vo/ - group to group
/Wo/ - Exception to group
/Vö/ - group to exception
/Wö/ - Exception to exception

then the last action does not get applied, and the “exeption to exception” pair is not created, and also the lock for /Wö/ pair is not lockable.