Kerning lost in Photoshop

Hi, I contacted support without a luck of an answer, can you help?
I have 2 questions:

  1. I have made many fonts on glyphs mini without problem but on the last font, when I export the font and open it in Photoshop, the kernings are not correct. I understand that the font is intrincate as it has a lot of nodes because is hand drawn, is this what is causing the problem?

  2. I see that the most hand drawn fonts I download or purchase, doesn’t show kerning numbers on the kerning box on glyphs, which makes me wonder because some designs are difficult and is not possible that there is no kerning on them. Is there a way to hide this info or is that they really don’t have kerning?


  1. There are some reasons for that. But it’s easier to tell if I had the file.
  2. Glyphs can import most kerning, but not all possible.

thanks for your answer! where can I send you the file?

Please send it to support at this domain.

done, thank you!