Kerning lost when mixing master in variable font


So I’m working on a variable font and it seems like kerning is lost when you mix masters in a word. So for example if I write LT and L is from a different master than T there won’t be any kerning between them. Is it possible to create kerning that works between two masters?

No. That is not possible.

Ok I understand. Do you think it is something that will be possible in the future or is it something that is actually impossible to do?

I’m pretty sure that it will not happen.

I see, thank you for the fast answers!

It’s not a Glyphs thing though, it’s the implementation of variable fonts in general. Different points in design space are treated as different styles, you wouldn’t have kerning between a Regular and Bold style either.

Thanks for explaining in more depth Alx! Makes sense that it won’t work between two fonts in the same family. But for a variable typeface I can see it being useful for animations, on the web specifically.

I’ll cross my fingers for it to be possible in the future!