Kerning not showing up in preview


I recently have copied a lot of kern pairs from other font to another.

The kern groups show up on the kerning panel, but i doesn’t work on the preview/metrics mode. It looks like has no kerning at all there are no values.

Some help would be appreciated

Did you activate kerning with the button in the bottom right corner?

How did you copy the kerning?

The kerning is activated.

First I just copied. Then I tried importing, neither work. If I design the kern pairs manually, it does work.

The two fonts need to have the same kerning classes. You can import the classes from one font to the other with Font > Import > Metrics.

I did that and it worked perfectly.

I have one other question, I have 3 masters each have a few different kerning pairs (some are needed in black weight that are not in light weight)

What happens when I interpolate? Will they interpolate or they need an exact kerning pair match?


They will interpolate towards zero if the kerning pair does not exist in the other weight. Attention: This also accounts for kerning exceptions only in one master.