Kerning not working randomly

Hi, so my problem is, in RTL kerning, some of the kernings, randomly doesn’t work(look fine in glyphs, but doesn’twork in Ai and figma). What could be possibly wrong? Any suggestions, I’m devistated :sweat:

Did you create the kerning in RTL mode?

AI’s support for Arabic is notoriously bad. And we don’t have good contacts in their dev team anymore. But I can reach people at Figma.

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Yes it’s in RTL. My other fonts work fine in AI. I don’t think it’s figma and ai’s problem.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version. I fixed a few things about the RTL kerning.

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My glyphs is the latest version.

What version do you have?

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Have you read this: Eliminating Font Cache Problems | Glyphs
and Testing Your Fonts in Adobe Apps | Glyphs ?

Can you send me the .glyphs file and point out some pairs that are not working.

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Yeah sure. Thanks

And yes I read those.

Thanks for the file. I can reproduce the problem and we will look into this.

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Thank you in advance.:pray:t3: