Kerning numbers added in glyphs appear in illustrator

Hi. Newbie type designer using glyphs mini 2. I am working on a script font and am doing a lot of custom kerning to get things to look right. When I export a test .otf and try it out in illustrator I notice that the kerning numbers that I am adding in glyphs show up in illustrator. For instance, if I place my cursor between the i and g in the word king and look at the character palette the kerning window displays (-11). This does not seem to be the case in commercial typefaces that I compare to. Is everyone else just really great at getting that dialed into the overall letterspacing or am I doing something wrong?

Try to put the cursor between T and o in that other font.

If you need a lot kerning between relatively symmetric letters, most likely you should check the spacing first. Your design might be different, but ”i” doesn’t need kernig to other lowercase.

I will head back and look at my letter spacing. Thank you for the quick response.

Yes :wink:
Depends on the design, of course. Would you like to post a screenshot of your setup? How are you kerning, are you using groups? What is your spacing logic?

@SCarewe I am definitely doing it wrong. Thank you for offering to look, but I opened a few commercial brush script-style faces and honestly, my letterspacing is all over the place. First time. :blush: I will adjust my spacing and if I’m still running into the same issue I will post again.