Kerning of ligatures not working in adobe apps


I am having issues with kerning showing in indesign for my discretionary ligatures. The ‘f_f’ is set to the ‘f’ group. The kerning is present in Glyphs (am on Glyphs 2.6.5) but not working in indesign. The ‘f’ kerns are working but when the disc lig switches for the ‘ff’ the kerning is lost.

Any ideas or places i can look to fix this?

Is it set to optical kerning?

And are you sure you’re testing the right version of your font? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

Yes, am using the folder for putting test fonts in, am also using the right version of the font.

It seems to be an Indesign issue. I manually checked the spacing and the kerning is there, it just doesn’t register in the character palette - see images. The top one is using the ‘ff’ ligature and the palette reads ‘0’ kerning present. The bottom is without the ligature and the palette reads ‘-17’.

So it seems it is there but it is not showing the kern value in the palette.

Thanks for the help Rainer.

@Matt_J – It definitely is an InDesign issue, and it dates back to at least CS6. I tested it with an Adobe font (Minion Pro Regular.otf) and while the kern is built into the font and InDesign is applying it, it displays the value as zero.