Kerning pairs: close all locks

Hello, I am having a question about the lock for kerning pairs and how to close for all pairs… this what I did, first I kerned all letters (aA to zZ) set a group for each and then attach those groups for accented letters, but while making some test, I see that besides the pairs have the group set, the lock its open, so the kern is not applied on that pair. How do I do to close all locks so the kern works on all pairs? ie. ‘de’ same as ‘dë’ .


Please read the Kerning tutorial.

An opened lock means that it is a kerning exception, i.e., no group kerning. So in order to get rid of the exceptions, first make sure all groups are set. Best overview is in list mode of font view. Then go to Window > Kerning, select all kern pairs and choose Compress from the gear menu twice.

Why twice? Compress turns singleton-singleton into group-singleton kerning, and both singleton-group and group-singleton into group-group kerning.

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Hello, I need to clean kern exceptions manualy, to have a control over it. I found script which delete all exception which is nice BUT is in Glyphs 3 any list of all exceptions? Thank you so much for any help regarding this.

Just choose to display glyphs in Window > Kerning:


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Cool, you can click the magnifier, wasn’t clear uhh. Thank so much, I miss some UI here :wink:

You are right, it should show a little triangle that indicates that there is a menu that can fold out.

Ok, I didn’t figure out still where is the issue. Some files exported in variable format accepting kerning exception and works fine and some other files simply not. Any advice?

Which error do you get in the files that do not accept kerning exceptions?

Hi, I don’t get any error message, just exported GX variable file during testing don’t show properly exceptions in kerning. The static files such as OTF works fine.

Also I had some typefaces which works with exceptions in GX variable file, just couldn’t find where is difference and why some works and other not.

The thread is beginning to go off topic I’m afraid. This will make it hard for others to find a solution if they have a similar problem.

Consider a new topic with ‘kerning exceptions do not export to OTVar’. Make sure you specify app and OS versions and describe how you test.

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