Kerning-pairs does not appear in kerningwindow

I have several kerning-paris, that do not appear in the kerning-window. All glyphs are in kerning-groups. Could it be, because I made them (maybe) before putting them in a group? How can I update the List in the kerning-window?
Deleting the pairs and make them again (after putting in groups) doesn’t help, they do not appear in the kerning-window.
Clean up or compressing also does not help.

You most likely have a filter set. Click on the locking glass in the search filed and select “Reset”.

No, there is no filter active.

In my case, it concerns at least Gamma with Delta, Lambda, Phi and Omega. If I put »Delta«, »Lambda« or »Delta« in the search-field of the kerningwindow, the glyph list is completely empty.

Some pairs with Gamma do appear in the window.

Gamma with Alpha(.ss01) appears, but otherwise only Gamma with lowercase letters.
In the case of smallcap-pairs: some do appear, some not.

Did you click the “Reset” entry in the search menu?

Yes. With no effect

Could you send me the .glyphs file?

I have a similar problem.

I have no filter selected and a lot of pairs are not in the menu.

Actually I want to close the Tbar lock in every pairs, but none of them are in the menu. Still, is there any way to close them all?

Any help?

Did you check:

  • Foreground/background?
  • LTR/RTL?

Which version of the app?

And why would you make an exception for Tbar-adieresis?

Version 2.6.2 (1233)

I don’t want. That’s why I want to delete them (I have a lot like this Tbar-accentedglyphs)

I’m not sure what do you mean with checking foreground and background, but yes I’m working on the foreground.

LTR and RTL - what do you mean with this?

The pairs that are not in the menu, are the ones with the lock opened on both sides. I need to check every situation like this I have on my file, otherwise I cannot make sure I will delete them all. Actually there are some specific situations that I need both locks opened.

I believe this is a bug.

This is the final list I wanted. What is in yellow (lock open on both sides) was not on the kerning window before. However it was an exception already. I had to check every situation, lock it and unlock manually to show up in kerning window (watch the video).

Gravação do ecrã 2019-05-31, às (2.0 MB)

Same master on Metrics Machine (left) and Glyphs right (right).

Glyphs: both glyphs (tbar and egrave) have the lock open. However, no exception shows up in the Glyphs kerning window.

The yellow ‘Tbar’ means that it is kerning against this particular glyph instead of a class. This is how exceptions are made. Delete that entry and all locks on the Tbar will be closed. Look for yellow entries on the second level and remove the ones you don’t like, too.

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.