Kerning panel

Hello, great feature!
I only do not understand why sometimes I see:

letter >
letter value

and sometimes
letter >
@MMK_R_ value


@MMK_L_ >
@MMK_R_ value

Please look at the screenshot.
In addition, I’ve not designed the uppercase yet, so why I see @MMK_L_ , @MMK_R_ etc ?

Are they the famous “classes” ?
Thank you.

update : if I try to delete the first @MMK_L_ , the app crashes.

I can’t discard all the values for 1 letter or more than 1 letter at a time. it’s a little bit annoying :frowning:

when discarding kerning values one by one… the letter’s kernings list closes and I have to reopen it every time. this is very annoying! :wink:

This kerning list is still under heavy development. So there are some issues.

And yes, the @MM_ things are the classes.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

I just uploaded an update that fixes the issues.

I recently noticed this too. Why are the kerning pairs displayed as MMK_L and MMK_R instead of the glyph name? This still occurs in version 2.3.1 (916)

I fixed the class names in the kerning panel yesterday. Update is coming.

Perfect, thanks!