Kerning Problem in Microsoft Office

My font has been exported properly and works fine in any Adobe software but when using it in MicroSoft Office the kerning that I fixed within glyphs does not work.

Please help me rectify this.

Thank you!


This is a big old ugly problem, see:

Make sure all your glyphs (more speifically, all kerned glyphs) have a Unicode value. This means you may have to use PUA values. Kerning in Word does not work if there are any kerning pairs in the font that include an unencoded glyph.

Assigning PUA values to fix Word bugs is not a good idea. Microsoft should fix its shitty software; font designers should not teach the world to expect us to build in workarounds for Microsoft's shitty software.

Or you could export an Office version, and use the Remove Glyphs parameter to get rid of all special (unencoded) glyphs. GSUB features are too complicated for most office software UIs and most office software users anyway.

I have long stopped crying out what should be and instead focus on providing my customers with the best possible product.

pardon my incompetence here PUA refers to what? Privat Use Area?
What is common practice here?
For instance i have a bunch of Ligatures they are all not encoded,
then again in the office context i doubt they would be useful, so for now i simply use the
keep glyphs and only include the ones that have unicode.

Yes, PUA means Private Use Area.
Which glyphs to remove from an Office-specific font is a different question, of course.

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