Kerning problems variable font / Glyphs3 (3091)

I’m having problems with the kerning on some letter combinations where they look good in glyphs, but when I test the exported .ttf in a browser the kerning is off.

I have four masters in the glyphs file:
Display Black Weight 900 | Width 900
Display Extralight Weight 200 | Width 900
Text Black Weight 900 | Width 200
Text ExtraLight Weight 200 | Width 200

The kerning looks good inside Glyphs, but when I export I get this:

koloss variable2_1

Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?

What version of Glyphs do you have? (Look for the four digit version number (like 3091)).

Hi Georg, I have 3091.

Can you update to the latest cutting edge version. Activate it in Preferences > Update.

Thanks a million! That solved it.

Hi @GeorgSeifert

looks like I have a similar problem:
• 4 masters
• Different kerning exceptions for different masters
• Kerning gets scrambled during export
• using version 3109

Any idea what I can do?
Best Heninng

It would be best to make the exception compatible. Can you send me the file?