Kerning SmallCaps


I’ve noticed that MetricsMachine can copy (and other stuff like scaling) kerning from Caps to SmallCaps - so there is no need to space and kern smallcaps separately.

Can I do this in Glyphs? Is there a script that could copy kerning pairs and classes and for example multiply values by some percent?

  1. I don’t know if there already is such as script but I do think it’s possible via scripting: the Font object has a kerning property ( and three functions for manipulating kerning info (

I did a quick something that is limited to A-Z, I could only do very limited testing, but so far this worked for me:

  1. Glyphs can read/write UFOs, so you can use MetricsMachine in your workflow.

For the script I pasted above, it’s a good idea to have Georg’s Set Kerning Groups script do the kern-grouping first.

Plus, keep your kerning window closed while the script is running. Somehow, otherwise Glyphs seems to have problems updating Edit View.

Ok thank You, I will play around with it.

Finally I have motivation to dive deep into scripting :slight_smile:

@dadastudio Did you manage to extend the script, and/or make it work with a full character set?


Jasper de Waard

I just use this: