Kerning steps with keyboard

If there would be an option to set the steps you get with the keyboard when kerning. Should that option be font specific or an app default?

I think it belongs in the app as this is a user preference. Big teams don’t want to be surpised when someone opens a font file and it changes app behavior.

App specific.

With the next update you will be able to do this in the macro panel:

Glyphs.intDefaults["GSKerningIncrementLow"] = 4
Glyphs.intDefaults["GSKerningIncrementHigh"] = 20


Hey Georg! This is something I’d been talking about with Reiner since Glyphs first launched! Thank you for adding this feature!

Overall, my personal preference is quite simply for small increment movements 5 and for larger increment movements 10 although if possible it’d be great to have single increment movements in cases where I wanted to fine tune without my fingers having to leave the keyboard.

If you conceive this concept in a manner that at no time fingers should ever need to leave the keyboard, there’s the winner! For my own taste it’s worth looking at how Fontographer did this so well by comparison.

Thank you!

I agree, app default.
Will a GUI setting be forthcoming?

Yes, this will eventually be in the UI.


I still miss the third (and highest) value. I welcome I can define the values now, but for my workflow, I would appreciate something like 5, 20, 100. Because there are many pairs with values around 100: “J, L-, ÞÆ, Y., ЬТ etc.

Do you have a suggestion what modifier should trigger the third value?

App default. Looking forward to this feature, great!