Kerning - to the left or the right?

It occurs for me to ask, where is kerning normally done, to the left in a glyph or right? I’ve always exclusively kerned the left side of a glyph but maybe I don’t know what I’m doing.

It’s easy in glyphs to do either side, and for awhile I was. I stopped to ask this question before I get too far in the kerning.


Kern values exist between glyphs. So you can think about it however you want.

mix and match or pick one. Either or is what you are saying.



? Kerning values exist between glyphs, as DTF said. So for example you will have a kerning value for AT and another for TA.

I think maybe you’re talking about spacing rather than kerning, but even then I’m afraid your question isn’t making sense to me.

if you have a text like “ATA” and select the “T”. The info box shows the kerning value for “AT” on the left side and the value for “TA” on the right. if you now move the cursor between the “T” and the “A”, the info box shows the value for “TA” on the left and nothing on the right. So there is no difference if you change the value fro the left side or the right side.

Yes, that’s what I was looking for. Thanks for the explanation.