Kerning window searching/sorting options

Sorting within the kerning window has become quite important for me of late, as I’m finishing off a quite extensive family atm. What I happen to miss a lot, is the possibility to sort the kerning window properly. For example would it be immensely helpful to:

  • search for a certain kerning value
  • show only positive/negative kerning
  • show a certain kerning value range (between -50 to -100 for example)
  • search for exceptions only
  • show exceptions only

could this be implemented?


You can filter for exceptions, at least partially. All glyph kerning is potentially an exception. And you can filter for those. The other requests are quite specific and it might be a good idea to write a script that does this.
I have a look what I can do.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I think it would help a lot already, if in the search bar, in the kerning window, one could also search for kerning-values, not only letters, groups, etc. could that be implemented?

Some of the filters could be scripts, I agree…

Georg, I think the Kerning window should be able to sort kerning pairs according their value. We talked about it several times… I often update existing fonts and this is perfect for analyzing the kerning and removing nonsense values like -500 or +500. Consider please this functionality, it should not be difficult :smile:

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We are working on a solution that should improve this.

It would be helpful for the kerning window to always keep kern pairs in the same order across all masters. Currently it seems any new kern pairs are added to the bottom of the list (rather than alphabetically for example). If the order is then different between masters, I can’t then tell if the same pairs are defined without scrolling through the whole list trying to remember what I’m looking for.


The pairs will be sorted on one point.

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In a future version?

Are you guys working on that issue already. I would highly appreciate an alphabetical order in the kerning window!

As a workaround saving, closing and reopening the file triggers a reordering in all masters. That’s still not helping in these kind of cases Ben is talking about.

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Thanks Mark. After restarting the app it changes to an alphabetical order. I’m pretty new to glyphs and didn’t recognized until now. :slight_smile:

Good things need time.

Following up on that topic, has there been an update on sorting kerning in the meantime?

Yes. Take a look at Glyphs 3.

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