Kerning Window UI disadvantage intentional?

Is it intentional, that the kerning window in glpyhs 3 has no real bar and therefore is difficult to move?

You drag the window anywhere outside the actual list and the research field (the field shows a subtle border on mouse over to see its size). There is enough space to the right of it.

sorry, but taking such a detailed look feels very uncomfortable to me.
I think, moving a window should be a minor process

And you can drag in from the bottom bar, too.

I also thought a few times that the search bar doesn’t have to be that long to have a bit more room for dragging :slight_smile:

But I’m here to report this bug, it shows ids instead of names (3091):

sorry, too much attention for such an everyday task and not very mac like :slight_smile:
Why not just a small ordinary bar?

I normally have the window much narrower.

But your screenshot shows that your kerning is corrupted. The long lines of numbers show that it can’t connect the the glyph kerning to an actual glyph.

That’s a new document, all new non-group kerning pairs appear this way. It seem to apply the values correctly (both from the kerning window and from edit text to kerning window), just doesn’t show the names :slight_smile:

Can you send me that file?


Kerning Window Test.glyphs (6.0 KB)

Update: this only happens in the new document, saved and reopened does show the names