Kernkraft installation and instructions for use


If someone could please help me

install Kernkraft plugin for glyphs app

find instructions on how to use it to kern my font… i would be much obliged

my google searches have been of no help


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Have you tried this Kernkraft Wiki?
It could get you started. However, I wrote that years ago and never found time to work on it since then.
Let me know if you have more questions.

hi mark

thanks for getting back to me…

i worked it out.

you need to put it in the folder scripts folder (scripts folder)

than under windows menu,go to plugins menu and install

then go to “glyph”, and scroll down… there it is!

as you can see i am a total non coder… non techie.

but i have it installed now, am using it… its great.

i really needed to know how to kern all the fonts i have designed, as i am teaching others to use glyphs and this was a total stumbling block.

Not sure about that. I expected you just install it via the Plugin Manager. No Scripts Folder needed.

You don’t need Kernkraft at all to kern fonts. It just helps you along the way, especially with large glyph sets.