Kernkraft plugin missing glyphs when kerning

I’m a newbie in font making. I installed Kernkraft plugin and noticed that it’s missing some glyphs that I have in the font… it’s like 4 glyphs and roman numbers. I think I’ve done something wrong or it’s a weird bug.

All I’ve tried to do so far:

  • reinstalling plugin and the glyphs program
  • checked glyphs’ names and unicodes
  • remade from scratch those missing glyphs

Is there something else I can do?
Thank you!

Please submit an issue on Kernkraft’s GitHub page.

Yes, as mekkablue said, please open an issue here on github

If you can, name the exact glyph names that are missing. That way I can (hopefully) reproduce and find the cause. It’s likely not a bug, but a property that might be missing in the algorithm. Usually the glyphs are sorted and filtered by their attributes like script, upper/lowercase, category, subcategory and so on. I never used roman numerals, so they might be just not considered in the code yet.

Thank you for your replies!
I really think that it’s a mistake on my side. I had roman numbers named by their unicodes but later I saw that the program actually suggests to name it like ‘ten-roman’. So all names are one-roman, two-roman and so on.
Other missing glyphs are: numero, copyright, registered, section, asciicircum, grave, bar, degree. Oops! it’s way more than 4 (^_^)". I tried to generate few of them through the symbol section on the categories sidebar but that didn’t change the situation.

copyright, registered, bar, section, and so on should not be skipped when used correctly. I definitely see them in my fonts.
Can you send me a sample file with a few glyphs (you can remove the actual drawings from the layers?

A question: why do you want to see and/or kern glyphs like grave?

I’ve tried to upload other fonts I have (made not by me) and it skips those glyphs too.
I actually have no problem with not having them in the list for kerning. It’s just that I’ve noticed this ‘bug’ and I thought that I must write somewhere about it. I’ve sent you a dropbox link to the file.

An answer: I have no idea about grave. I see it on the keyboard of my laptop so it must be used in some way?.. I’m so sorry! I’m so newbie that it hurts.
I appreciate your help so much!

Thanks for the file and the report. I’ll have a look when I find some time. Unfortunately I’m quite busy at the moment, so please don’t expect a too fast resolution.

No hurry needed! Thank you so much for you time!