Keyboard Shortcuts

I don’t suppose there’s a definitive list of default keyboard shortcuts for Glyphs? I’m sure I’ll get used to the program in short order, but just starting out with it, I’m having to do a lot of web searching to figure out what keystrokes do what in what context.

Lovely program, by the way. Thanks.

Did you check out the manual?

You can also look in Help > Glyphs Help and then, choose the subject Keyboard Shortcuts.

I also looked up Keyboard Shortcuts list; You may type {Keyboard} only in the search in Help Menu … When I typed both words {Keyboard Shortcuts} it did not show the list.
Thanks MekkaBlue

Thanks much, everyone!

Hi! Is there a way to assign shortcuts to functions like Alight (left/top…) or Fit Curve?

Fit curve has a shortcut already: Ctrl+Opt+1…8.

There is the “Align Selection” (Cmd+Shift+A). It respects the alignment selection in the Transform Panel.


That’s great, thank you!

For the alignment, I meant something like “opt+ctrl+arrows” to align selection depending on the arrow. I found myself using alignment quite often, so it would be a great shortcut to have.

You can also set your own in macOS’ System preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts

What alexs said would be really useful for me as well. I tried to set up shortcuts in the MacOS settings, but had no menu option to refer to for each alignment type, so the shortcuts are not working. I’m still on Glyphs 2 at the moment.

You would need to write a script or plugin that adds the menus and functionality. Then you can add the keyboard shortcut.

Here you go :slight_smile:


Is there a keyboard shortcut to place cursor in “Info Box”?

For writing a metrics key, you mean?



If you need to set a lot of metrics keys, you can batch-set them with the mekkablue script Spacing > Metrics Key Manager.

Thanks for the reply.

There is another scenario where I have a glyph open, I duplicate it with cmd+D, then I need to rename it using info box.
It would be nice if I can place my cursor in name field in info box with a keyboard shortcut and start typing.


The only workaround for this is to do it in Font view. Pressing Return selects the name. Or Cmd-shift-F brings up the Find and Replace window.

You can use a script like this:

from AppKit import NSTextField
tab = Font.currentTab
def findTextField(view):
	for subview in view.subviews():
		if isinstance(subview, NSTextField):
			print(">>", subview, subview.stringValue())
			if subview.isEditable() and subview.canBecomeKeyView():
				return subview
		subTextfield = findTextField(subview)
		if subTextfield is not None:
			return subTextfield
	return None
textField = findTextField(tab.infoView())
print(textField, textField.stringValue())
if textField is not None:
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