Kinked off-curve handles

Off-curve handles do not dekink automatically after changing them from angle to curve. While drawing, this can quickly be fixed by just touching the control point an moving it around. But, after interpolation, this is a common error and a bit annoying tbh. Dekinking with RMX Tools does not fix it either.

Why can’t these handles not just dekink automatically?

Can be avoided in the drawing of the masters.

We had this discussion already in the forum. That would not be desirable because the dekinking algorithm would have to make too many assumptions, e.g., that the status of the node is correct, which is not necessarily the case.

However, there is a Realign Handles script for that in my repository.

yes, but no…

Couldn’t find it but maybe you can post the link. I’d really like to read it :slight_smile:

It’s just something that’s handled easily in Fontlab and Robofont. To have this case dekink when double-clicking on the node would very well be desired imho, no?

script is definitely handy though

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Not in interpolation, only when you actively change it.

And they just reorient the handle with the same length (assumption) and averaging angles (big assumption), thereby messing up surrounding curvatures and path areas. In my experience, that causes more clean-up work afterwards than taking control of it from the start yourself.

Here you go: