Kinks in interpolation

Hi everyone

Wondered if anyone has any ideas on fixing kinks (Dekinking script hasn’t helped). I have a typeface that is extremely expanded, but the interpolations to square cause some issues. I’ve fixed all except the asterisk, which I can’t find a workable solution for. I can’t keep the angles the same given the width, but sure there must be something I’m not aware off to fix it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

This kind of thing has been vexing me too. One possibility I could suggest trying is: ensure the handles are always a fixed percentage of the length of the straight section they join to. So if the distance from a node at the centre of the asterisk to the next node is 90 units in the narrow master and 180 units in the wide master, the handles should be 10 and 20 units in length respectively, that way they’d always be 10% of the length of straight sections. It won’t give you the exact shapes you’re probably wanting, but worth a try.


Or you take out the roundings again (select the round segment at a corner, right click to bring up context menu, Make Corner), and add the Round Corners filter as custom parameter to the instance.

There are two problems. One are the corners. That can be solved by corner components.
The second is the weight in the middle. That can be solved by keeping the overlap.

One way to fix the kink without using corner component is to option-move your points along the path to make sure the you get the same “handle ratio” on each side of your points across different masters.

So simply, you can solve the kink it by either do one of the following:

(move these points closer to the control point)


(move these points further from the control point)


(no kink on the fixed part)

The point is to make them have the same ratio. Of course moving the points would hinder the design, but it’s what it take to solve the kinks:joy:

I hadn’t realised I’d received replies to this — apologies. Thanks for taking a look at this, I’ll try it now. Thanks again