Knife 45°

Using Shift you can use the Knife to cut horizontally or vertically. I am missing the option of being able to do this at angles of 45°.

45° angles are very rare in type design. Can you post a screenshot of what you try to do?

I think I have enough experience in type design to know what I am doing. In some cases 45° can be useful.

Even if is used as a step to get to another result, being able to cut at a precise angle of, 45, 135° etc. can be very useful.

I think 45° is not more useful than, say, 20°. The problem is, while it may seem useful in theory for a specific use case, it could get in the way in too many other cases.

If it is a certain angle that is to be reached, the solution is to step move one node with cmd-arrow, shift-arrow or just the arrow keys. This is also easier to reproduce.

Maybe displaying the angle of the knife in the info panel could be a solution ?

I asked for a screenshot to understand your problem.

I tried to make a screenshot while cutting, but this is not possible. I want(ed) to cut the end of a stroke at 45°.

Before we misunderstand each other and get on the wrong foot, I was just asking about the possibility of using the knife at an angle of 45°.

Many different illustration and type design programs give the option of using those kind of angles. I am probably not the only one using this. Therefore I was curious/asking why ?

As stated above, we believe that 45° is not a particularly relevant angle in type design. 0°, 90°, yes, but 45° is not. So, why 45°, and not, e.g., 20°?

As for the screenshots, something will do that shows us what you want to achieve that cannot be done with on-board methods, or where the feature you request would make a significant difference in achieving that goal.

A straight segment can be pulled to 45° if you move one node as high as the segment is wide. This can be achieved by temporarily holding down ctrl-opt-cmd for seeing the distance and then moving the node up. This method has the advantage of being more precise than freehand cutting.