Knife not working properly? (Been mentioned before)


I ordered Glyphs 2 last weekend
But the knife tool seems not working properly.
Instead of cutting, it ads a node (see gif).
I searched in the forum to see if others have/had the same issue,
and as I understood, it seems that issue was frequently mentioned in 2015 and 2016

The gif displays very small for me and I cannot make out anything on it. But I guess you mean this:

If you cut a single path segment once, it is not supposed to split the path, but rather add a node. You need to cut through the whole shape to actually break the paths open.

The gif is small indeed and doesn’t seem to work either.
But what you described is correct.
Before I bought Glyphs 2, I used Glyphs mini 2, where the knife tool works as it suppose to work.
Including cutting a single path.
What you say means creating an entire shape first, then cut the desired segment.
Then why is it possible to cut one segment in Glyphs mini, and not in Glyphs?

In Glyphs, you take the Draw tool (shortcut P) to click on an existing node, and it splits.

If that is the procedure, it means adding a node, then click on the node and then the line splits.
Makes me wonder; what is the purpose for the knife tool?
It should be for cutting is it?
A pen tool for creating a straight line
A draw tool for a curved line
An eraser to erase nodes
And a knife tool for cutting
Except, not in Glyphs?
What goes thru my head right now; I have a scissor, but it’s a spoon?

IIRC it was specific user requests. We are considering making it like in Mini in a future iteration of Glyphs:

  • drag with Opt = add point, don’t split path, same as click with Draw tool
  • drag without modifier key = add point and split path, same as two clicks with Draw tool

Its main purpose is to cut shapes, which it does. It is not that obvious what it should do when you just cross a segment once. But you are right, there is a discrepancy between both apps now. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we are looking into it.

As a workaround, please use the clicks with the Draw tool.

To use the knife tool in general, is not the case. I do prefer creating something
without the use of the knife tool.
Except in this specific font design, I created a design that needs to be cut into the each letter.
Then it’s quite a surprise that something so simple, suddenly isn’t that simple.

I will try if that works to see if I can cut the design into a letter this way.
If it’s tougher to get it done, I will finish this design with Glyphs mini.
Since cutting is a must in this specific case.

I do remember being confused that the knife doesn’t cut apart single contours when I first started using the app. I likewise found that unintuitive.

At least in my design practice and I suspect more broadly, workflows that keep open contours are more and more common, which may argue for a more cutting tool on those types of shapes.

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