Knife/Slice vertically/horizontally through a Point

Is there a good way to run the knife straight through a point vertically or horizontally?

An example is like I want to make this w symmetrical (for starters at least) and I try to align the knife tool through the centermost point.

You can start the cut at the center point, hold down the Shift key to constrain the direction of the cut, and drag the knife with a pressed mouse button up through the top of the w.

What does the knife help with making it symmetric.

You can put it in the background, horizontally flit it, set the start point to the same place as in the foreground. Then use Path > Interpolate with Background > 50%. This will give you an average of the two sides.

@GeorgSeifert this is an awesome technique, I will try this. I would adjust one of the sides, then cut the w in half and discard the side I don’t want. Then copy and flip the side I want to reconstruct the w. Maybe this is a cumbersome approach, just find myself doing the same thing to both sides of the shape often, but I don’t want to lock in with components because I might do some optical adjustments later.

@FlorianPircher exactly. What I’m wondering though is just how to get the knife to align with the point without zooming in or trying multiple times.

You can also use a variant of my method. Put the outline in the background and flip it. The select a point and press Command+Shift+A. This will move the node to the nearest in the background. Then press tab and Command+Shift+A.

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I would not use the knife for splitting the shape. I would rather pick two points in the middle, right click and choose the option for reconnecting nodes in the context menu.