Lag in App, Crash on Export

Hi all –

I have a font that is a grunge/brushy font of sorts. I’ve built it out with all letterforms, numbers and non-English glyphs.

Having read a lot of the help topics on here (thanks for those!) I can identify a little bit of my problem. However, I would really like this to get figured out and have a usable font.

I get horrible lag while using the app. Maybe this is a RAM issue? This I can deal with, but any thoughts are appreciated.

Exporting – I can get the letterforms to export, but not the whole font. Any ideas? This is a handmade font for a global company, so getting everything in there is pretty crucial.

m welch

Did you read this?

I remember reading through this on my test export a few months back. I will go through this again and see if it helps.

Thanks so much!

m welch