Lam_lam_heh-ar in (automatic) required ligatures

I have crated two glyphs

The first one has been added automatically to the features and working properly, but I wonder why the second one (lam_lam_heh-ar)was not added, is there any work around (without adding it manually cuz I’d like to keep the auto “on” at this stage)

lookup rlig_arab_0 {
lookupflag IgnoreMarks;
script arab;
sub alef-ar lam-ar.init lam-ar.medi heh-ar.fina by allah-ar;
sub lam-ar.init alef-ar.fina by lam_alef-ar;
sub lam-ar.medi alef-ar.fina by lam_alef-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.init alefHamzaabove-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzaabove-ar;
sub lam-ar.medi alefHamzaabove-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzaabove-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.init alefHamzabelow-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzabelow-ar;
sub lam-ar.medi alefHamzabelow-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzabelow-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.init alefMadda-ar.fina by lam_alefMadda-ar;
sub lam-ar.medi alefMadda-ar.fina by lam_alefMadda-ar.fina;
} rlig_arab_0;

Glyphs considers lam_lam_heh-ar to be an optional ligature and thus does not put it into rlig but dlig instead. Add the dlig feature and Glyphs will add the necessary code for lam_lam_heh-ar in there.

If you want lam_lam_heh-ar to be part of rlig, add .rlig to the name of the ligature glyph: lam_lam_heh-ar.rlig.

(The same works if you want it in the liga feature: lam_lam_heh-ar.liga.)

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Thanks a lot that was very helpful and informative

I would argue that it needs to be part of rlig by default if you consider allah-ar is rlig, they both same level of necessity imo

That may not be true for all designs, though. But you can control its feature attribution with the respective suffix.