Language sensitive feature

I have ss01 feature and I put this code inside, thinking that when I in inDesign set paragraph’s language and language in character field it would behave accordingly. Nothing happens, also tested in browser when setting html’s lang to french.

is it even possible to have language tag in stylistic set features?


language dflt;
	sub x by b;

language FRA;
	sub x by a;

It might be that he dflt lookup is apply before the French one. So try with too different source glyphs and maybe move the dflt below the FRA.

Or use the exclude_dflt keyword:

language dflt;
	sub x by b;

language FRA exclude_dflt;
	sub x by a;

That will skip all substitutions from the default language when the language is set to French.


You could also have multiple lookups in a feature. For example, first a FRA -exclusive lookup and then a dflt lookup at which point the first lookup will already have performed its substitutions.

Thanks for your tips!

When I do it in a clean minimal working file, it works as expected. But doesn’t in our main file.

Once I find out why was that I will let you know.