Language sidebar: can it only increase here and not be reduced?

Once one item is added, it will always be there and cannot be canceled.

It works for me. Did you quit Glyphs and restart after deselecting it?

The left sidebar should update after you close the popup (with the checkboxes).

I thought we could disable all of them, now, but some might still be staying visible even when unchecked.


The sidebar shows all scripts that are present in the font regardless if it is selected.

It was so.But it is incomplete.Now that you’ve had the table and that it is better to directly update complete unicode 15.0
Even so, display or not, not optional?

Can’t it be optional?

Upgrade to unicode 15.0, and then put a full open button and an optional close button. This is the best way.

The display of the languages? Why? It represents what you have in the font.

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Of course, it exists, but you can choose to be invisible.Why can’t you choose which items appear in the sidebar?Sometimes you just don’t want to see it for the time being.

You can add an eye icon, unlike ±the eye just selects whether it is visible or not.

There are more things to do before adding a language to the sidebar.

  • make glyph names for all Unicodes.
  • check what alternate glyphs are needed and make names for them, too.
  • check if the language needs special Opentype features.

We do all those things as soon as some that has at least some knowledge of that script. So if you know a script an like to help out …

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A complete unicode is very necessary for formal products.

The document you want is in the attachment of email.

The attached file contains my Chinese translation of the unicode block name.

Can you specify what unicodes you are missing.

That they are missing in the sidebar doesn’t mean that you can’t use them in the app. For Ideographs, you can just use the uni+Unicode as a name (u+Unicode for upper plane codes).

And you can look at the Glyph info window for more.

Yes, it only affects that the name of the block does not appear in the sidebar. This will lead to some misunderstandings, making people think that the characters in this block do not exist. You can really find them by searching.

The sidebar is meant to facilitate the centralized management of a set of characters. For font files with a large number of characters, you may have to customize dozens of filters. So it’s important to let the user choose what is visible.

I made a mistake. There are some additions at the back of that file. Feel free to use this file.