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I sometimes use a large monitor, it would be nice to be able to control the size of the info panel and the pallete; they are eye-wateringly small

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Yes please! I also just got a large monitor. Icons, buttons and text are tiny.

5k screens rule but next revision will be a fix for us.

If the UI is too small, then the screen resolution is wrong. What screen size/resolution do you have?

it’s a 4k screen, so whatever that is. but i have made this point before about working on a 13” MacBook screen: the interface is ok for young people with perfect vision

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Hi Georg, an argument about screen size, resolution and resulting UI size may hold up technically, but it won’t hold up over personal preference and/or impaired vision.

Personally I use a 27 inch iMac at its native resolution (2560x1440) and have a hard time with the type size in the sidebar.

Just some user feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy day.

I need to know what people are using when they consider the UI t0o small. So that I can make informed decisions on how to solve it.

How big is it? If it is around 23", then you can safely use it in retina resolution. If it is below 32" and you use it in standard resolution, the UI will be too small.

That is interesting. The font view sidebar and the layer panel use one point smaller size than the sidebar in Finder. I wouldn’t like to make it much bigger as it means less horizontal space. The current versions is not able to dynamically change the font size without messing up the layout. I’ll see what I can do.

If it’s any help – I’m wearing glasses and my focus field of vision is constrained by the curvature of the glass. So just glancing into the corner is more blurry and I have to move my head more often.

Also, I use the plug in to show reporters in the sidebar and the type is even smaller. I understand this may be due to fixed side of the sidebar?

for me, it’s a 32" monitor, 3840 x 2160. I may be doing it wrong and I need to go into the displays preferences and alter it every time I want to use Glyphs. However, I am an old man with failing eyesight, and I already struggle with the small interface size on my 13" MacBook. I do have a magnifying glass somewhere, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some control over the size of the UI for the presbyopic and decrepit

Just to be sure: I understand the problem and will try to improve it.


thank you

Georg: I accept your point that altering the screen’s resolution makes things easier, and this is what I am doing to continue working in Glyphs. However, as you know, I have no compunction is asking for what I want, which would be more independent control over the interface

Beside from the size of the info-panel: it would be nice, if it would be displayd in the center of the glyph, not at the left side. As soon as I zoom in very much, it moves and stays at the left side of the monitor. I think, it should alway be in the middle – of the screen or at least of the glyph.

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I also use a 5K imac and wish it were bigger. It doesn’t need to be a set size, being able to resize on the fly would be fine. It would be really cool if Glyphs remembered the size I last dragged the window to.

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Then it will not work for kerning in text mode, because we need to display the info for the adjacent glyph.

Staying in the middle sounds good at first but there are a couple of problems. It has its merits that it goes to the side (and hence out of the way) when you zoom in, because you can assume the user to need more space for editing when they zoom in so far.

Which problem do we want to solve? Please CMIIW: the only downside I see is reaching the dimensions for a selected item in order to type in new dimensions. In effect, you end up traveling a lot with the mouse (plus pointing plus clicking) just for switching to the keyboard. We are therefore considering a keyboard shortcut, because you can leave the mouse where it is and type straight away.

We are upsizing a bunch of UI elements. Two things for everyone:

  • Keep in mind that plug-ins are outside our influence: if a third-party palette has too small type, you need to check back with the developer.
  • The font size in the left panel (Categories, Languages, Filters) and the names in the Layers palette is already bigger (13pt, same as the default in Finder). Does that work for everyone?

I am using the latest 5k Retina 27" iMac screen. I fully understand that my monitor is ahead of the curve but know that the curve is moving up to higher density. Legacy equipment is still very valid but we need to understand that size of type and thickness of rules need to keep up with the progression. If we need a toggle to select bigger type, or if you have already solved this in the 3.0 revision, please clarify?

I would personally prefer the info box to stay in a predictable place, that is more important to me than it moving ‘out of the way’ when zooming in as we can easily scroll/pan the view.

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It is predictable. It is snug with the LSB. :woman_shrugging:

I have an idea how to implement it.