Last Glyphs update issue

after installing last update 2.6.2 i cannot edit metrics by typing the value in the text field anymore, this happen with every text field in glyph view mode. Is it a bug or it’s my system fault?

video attached below

Glyph (3.7 MB)

Can you try starting Glyphs without plugins. Hold the Opt and Shift key when you start the app.

Ok, now the plugin’s text field is working fine. Still i’m not able to edit the ones in the glyph view mode: metrics, kerning class, component properties, etc…
It’s quite difficult to work without them…

Cannot reproduce. Which OS are you running? Are you sure you started without plug-ins? Can you verify and see if one of the plug-ins shows in the Filter or View menu?

What do you mean with “now the plugin’s text field is working fine”?

Ok, don’t mind. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything from the very first version i have purchased and then i have updated to the latest and now it’s working. I’m really sorry to have bothered you.

it’s happening again and it is, definitely, the OS last update (some kind of security upgrade).
Now i have a clean installation without plugins or sripts, and now i m not be able to solve the issue like i have done before.
Well, maybe this could be useful to you:
I’m running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6. And the last updates i have made on the OS were:
_ iTunes device support update
_ security update 2019-003

Do you use a normal mouse or a tablet?

…mainly wireless Mouse:
Logitech MX anywhere 2


Can you remove the Wacom and its drivers?

Actually i have removed it from the system preferences and all the wacom softwares.
The issue still remain.

And you have you restarted the mac? Then I don’t know. Maybe some accessibility settings?