Last tab bug

Hi, after installing an update 1.3.19 (486) there is a problem with closing last tab.

When there are several tabs open, it works ok, but when I close the last tab it disappears but the screen doesn’t come back to main window with glyphs list but becomes gray. I have to click Font tab.

I’m seeing this too.
Also: from the font window, Cmd-T starts a new tab, and then hitting Cmd-T starts a second new tab as expected. But if you hit it a third time instead of starting yet another tab, focus switches to one of the tabs created earlier.

Sorry for that. I fixed it.

Just posted the update.

Georg, what is the Build number for this fix? I have 1.3.19 (486) and am having the same problem. Glyphs doesn’t report any later builds.

You are right. The update did not fix it. I just uploaded a new one.