Last Tab problem

I am having a problem with last tab. When I switch from last tab (the one on the right) to another one, the last tab disappears.
Ii is still there but I can only go there with View – Navigation – Show next tab.
Glyphs 3.0.3



Move the mouse over the tab bar and eight do a horizontal two finger gesture on the track pad hold down the Shift key and scroll the wheel on your mouse. That scrolls the tabs left/right. Then you can scroll to your missing tab. But you might like to close some tabs if the last one can’t be shown :wink:

Ok, I see. It did the trick.

I was just confused, because my screen is quite big – 27 inches.
And I did not had so many tabs (9). Now I tried with 6 tabs and the last one was not visible. When I have 5 tabs, it only shows the small part of the last tab.

Glyphs 3 (5 tabs)

It works better in Glyphs 2, I can see all of them. Even the last one.

Glyphs 2 (9 tabs)



I noticed it hides me the last tab, even I only have 3 tabs…

The third tab does not show up.


It works now after update.