"Last time you used Glyphs, it crashed" everytime I start Glyphs 3

Everytime I start Glyphs, I get the “Last time you used Glyphs, it crashed” error message, even when it’s not the case.
I’m running Glyphs 3.0.2 (3044) on Big Sur.

I get the same error…

Also this:

there are two possibilities. first is that you have accumulated a lot crashes and each time you start the app it sends one. Or it fails to delete the one that was already send and picks it up again). Or it actually crashes when you close the app. Please add your name (the forum handle would work) and send it every time the dialog comes up.

The RMX dialog is from the plugin itself. Can you report it to Tim?

Ok thank you, I will.
It might be the first possibility, I recently had quite a lot of crashes while exporting a variable font with corner components on crossing paths (I found why and fixed it for each problematic letter).

Ho it doesn’t do it anymore. I guess all the crashes have been reported by the app.