Layer Color / Glyph Color

I just updated my plugin, that displays the Color Label for all Glyphs in the Edit Tab. While fiddling around I figured that the plugin already live updates, once a layer color is set. But the built-in grey Info Box color does not update immediately. It needs a change back and forth between masters to display the newly introduced layer color.

And another thing I found: It seems to be quite tricky to get rid of a layer color, once it is set. Actually I even could not make it happen at all. Any ideas about that?

I look into this.

set colorIndex to something bigger then 12.

I did not mean via code, but via the Glyphs’ context menu. Please try this:

  • set a glyph color
  • activate »set layer color«
  • set a (layer) color
    so far it should be like intended
  • set no layer color (the x next to the color buttons)
    you will get rid of the glyph color, not the layer color, even though »set layer color« is still active

fixed it.

Nice, many thanks!

Hi, could you help me setting the layer label color via script?
for instance:

font.selectedLayers[0].colorIndex = 3

Is not working for me, what I’m doing wrong?

Best regards.

Try this:


Thank you, thank you!