Layer preview overlay a mess

This is my regular master:

When I turn on preview in Bold I see this grey line, what is that mess,

What exactly are you doing?

I mean turning on the layer preview

Seems to be a bug in the Select All tool.

ahh… i had no idea i had select all on…

I have the same issue but I didn’t selected all the layers; what is the “select all” tool ? I played with the interpolated layers with curly braces and now the software is broke :scream:

This is the master :

When previewed, the layer doesn’t appear in transparency (like in background)

When the layer is selected and the master previewed, the master and the layer appear on the same layer instead of having the master in transparency creating a mess. It is confusing cause I can modify the master from the layer…

This is without the master previewed:

Please have a look at the select tool icon in then toolbar. You see it shows two arrows. Click and hold on it to get a small menu and select the single arrow.

AAAAAAAAAH the selection tool can have several functions !? okayyyyyy
Thank you :blush: