Layered Color Font, Masters question

I’m trying to build a Layered Color font from two separate files. I’m following your sites tutorial on the topic but there’s a slight difference between my masters window, and the one depicted on the tutorial.

“Make sure you give each of them a different Custom name and value, e.g., ‘Front’, ‘Side’, ‘Bottom’, and 1, 2, and 3.”

When it comes to naming the masters and, values, There is no “custom” option in the proportions field that I can see (to add 1, 2, and 3), or am I doing something very wrong?

Perhaps this is not the main issue, but when I proceed to next step in the instances window and click “Add Instance for each Master” I get the following message:

“The masters need different settings for weight, width, or custom values.

Fill == Shadow”

I assume this is because I didn’t give the Master layer a number in the proportion field, or am I missing something super obvious?

You can ignore the “Custom name” part but you need to put a different value in the Weight field.

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Excellent, worked great & got the files to generate as individual fonts.

I have the master color parameters set up, but I’m now trying the “Color Layers to SVG” parameter in a separate instance

which is generating with a slight issue. It’s only generating a single layer, and no color. The file is significantly larger, so I assume it has the other layer embedded somewhere, but on my end it’s a single weight / black otf.

You will need to test in an environment that supports the SVG OpenType table.