Layered color font: preview all layers not working

Hi people,

I just followed the tutorial to create a layered font using the color master feature. everything worked out perfectly fine until I wanted to preview all the layers together. In the text it says:

“(…)hold down your Option key, and choose Correct Path Direction for All Masters (Cmd-Opt-Shift-R) from the Paths menu. (…)” I applied this option to all the masters and tried both, space-bar and (T), to get a preview of how the masters come together, but i only get a preview of the master i selected.

what am I doing wrong?
suggestions, tips, hints, more than welcome!

here the link to the tutorial for references.

Did you miss this part:

To the left of each layer name, there is a little eye symbol. Click on all closed eyes to open them. So, all master layers are displayed at once while you edit them.

that was it :slight_smile: thanks a lot!

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