Layered Color (web) Font?

I already have a typeface which is layed out in styles that could be layered. I would like to make a colored webfont. I have found two tutorials on colored type.

The first to make layered type, which finally gives you several fonts that can be combined in InDesign for example.

Second I found the Microsoft color font tutorial.

If I want to create colored webfonts by using G2, should I proceed like in the M$ tutorial ? But this is a glyph-by-glyph approach.

The workflow explained in the first tutorial is a lot more quicker, specially because I already have the different layers. Which could be imported as masters quite easily.

Or is there another for which there is not yet a tutorial ?

You can use the layered fonts with several files as described in the Indesign example in all browsers but need to duplicate the content for each layer (use use some javascript to do that for you). The second example will produce one font but will only work in Internet Explorer for Windows on Windows 8.1.

Like a SVG font for example ?

I’m not sure if svg fonts support color.
There is a new SVG in OpenType table developed by Mozilla and Adobe. This is implemented in Firefox. But it isn’t supported in Glyphs, yet.

Ah, okay.

Thanks. I will look into it.