Layers not in sync

I’m working on a color font with a top and bottom layer. I’m using the parameter “Link Metrics with First Master” however, layers are not in sync.

Here’s a small clip where you can see what I mean

What am I doing wrong?


The “Link Metrics with First Master” only effect the width. The metrics keys are never synced automatically.

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thanks, Georg!
Is there perhaps a way to change the sidebearings of the top layer so that it won’t affect the bottom layer?

It shouldn’t do that.

The thing is that it does. I don’t know if I did something I shouldn’t have?
Any idea how to solve this?

I’m not sure what you are trying to do.

It seems that the glyphs the metrics key is linking to has a different side bearing in the masters.

OK, thank you! I think I got it now.