Leading contextual alternates

I’m trying to create an option where (when the stylistic alternates are turned on)
I can automatically disable certain combinations of letters. Is this possible using contextual alternates?

In the example below we are trying to turn off the ‘a’ with a tail due to a clumsy interaction. We would just like the default ‘a’ to be enabled.

Is this possible?

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This is possible. But you need to put the features in the right order. They are processed in the order as they appear in the feature list, so the ss01 feature is called after the calt and thous the calt feature has no effect.

You can do that differently. In the ss01, add this at to top of the feature:

lookup context {
    ignore sub a' z;
    sub a' by a.ss01;
} context;

and remove the line sub a by a.ss01; further down in the feature.

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Thank you Georg, this seems to have fixed it!