Learning from interpolation follies

I have learned a great deal from this frustrating interpolation fixing endeavor. I have learned the value of “Reverse Paths” and “Make node First”. It took me a week to straighten out the mess the 1st time, a day the second time, and 3 hour the last time. Part of the problem is with 5k monitors. it is very hard to see nodes and handles at tiny and pales dimensions. I also think the color of the border should change from red to say green when contours need to be flipped and that there should be a highlight of the extra nodes and handles on the 2nd master. This whole process is at best, unpleasant and a perfect target for a filter to be designed by some kindhearted and script-savvy soul to take aim at.
I also wish that there were a way to preview the potential instance between the two masters to help in making the decision. Perhaps a test word and a sliding bar to compare?

Consider increasing the size of nodes in Preferences > Appearance.

  1. Create a middle instance in Font Info > Export.
  2. Either set up the bottom preview to always show that instance. Or, use the Show Styles plug-in (available in Plugin Manager, will install itself in the View menu). The latter displays the instance behind your paths.

I already have it set to “Large” is there a way to make it bolder?

Have you tried changing the resolution of your monitor?

Just to be sure, you know about Cmd-Shift-R Correct Path Direction right? (And Opt-Cmd-Shift-R to do it for all masters.)

And View > Show Master Compatibility?

Yes, I use those often.

That causes other problems

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